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History Of Whitehaven

The Slave Trade

Whitehaven Slave Trade

Reading Time: 2 minutesAbominable: Whitehaven, like many towns and cities throughout the world has a shameful past regarding slavery. This human trade in Whitehaven was deemed a necessity due to the increased demand for commodities. Traders supplied the slaves to the Caribbean plantations …

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The Railway

Whitehaven Steam Train

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhitehaven Locomotives: Transporting coal from pit-head to harbour was a huge problem faced by the Lowther family in Whitehaven. For decades pack horses and ponies were used to transport coal. In 1683 John Gale, the Lowthers steward, constructed a causeway …

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I've been collecting the memories of residents of Whitehaven, since 2004, and would love to hear from anyone out there with a story to tell so that history can be preserved for future generations. If you would like to contribute to this page, please get in touch.

Memories Of Whitehaven

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