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Drill Bit

Lobotomy Required

Drilling Home:

I tolerate most crap, hoping it will go away. Sadly, when dealing with simpletons… a reaction is sometimes needed to drill home a message, much like a lobotomy that they richly deserve.

I dipped my toes into the murky world of politics in 2013 and backed away from it in September 2016. I still get dragged into things from time to time due to foolish, bitter, and malicious individuals. They often embark on social media witch-hunts, fuelled by a paranoia which is equalled in contempt for those that they focus on.

Of late, with elections on the horizon and failings combined with recriminations, a number of idiotic councillors are composing libellous material alleging that I am behind a social media account which has been highlighting illegal actions within local council chambers.

These pathetic clowns have limited intelligence and unbounded malevolence. They complain when challenged and play the victim while bullying. This has to stop.

A Little Background:

In 2013, I saw a small newspaper article regarding a petition for a new Town Council for my home town of Whitehaven and I thought it was a good idea, considering the area had gone into decline due to cut after cut, and closure after closure of services.

Having approached the organisers, I learned that they were also contemplating pushing for a change to the local government system for Copeland. Back then, Copeland Borough Council operated a leader and cabinet system of government.

The organisers wanted to push for a Directly Elected Mayor (DEM) system, where the public could elect a leader, instead of a political party imposing one. Thus, the local community would have an opportunity on how the area is governed.

Having a DEM also meant that potential funding avenues were opened up to the area, by ways of devolved powers being granted by Central Government at Westminster. At first, the campaign comprised of letter writing to the local press, to create debate and then moved online with social media. Each member of the team were assigned roles, mine was social media and a website.

Work began in collecting names in a petition, door to door, for both the Town Council and DEM. In early 2014, the DEM petition was submitted to Copeland Borough Council. The team had successfully collected signatures from over 5% of the local population. This triggered a referendum and fierce opposition from councillors.

To win the DEM Referendum, and bring about change, gloves came off. Letter writing to local press intensified, Freedom of Information Requests (FOI) were submitted to Copeland Borough Council and failings were constantly highlighted to a receptive public, who were waking up to what had been occurring under their noses.

A whole host of information became public. Poor accountancy, to a waste of taxpayer money on projects such as the Pow Beck stadium project was disclosed. Revelations exposed by the team began to hit the front pages of local newspapers, and TV. Online, substantial interest was being generated, and the eyes of the public were being opened to how local government had been operating behind closed doors.

As the push for change gained traction, the petition organisers became known as the Time for Change (T4C) team. In May 2014, the referendum for a DEM took place. 70% of the electorate voted with T4C, and history was made, much to the annoyance of councillors in cushy positions.

In May 2015, an Independent Mayor took office in Copeland. Recriminations from bitter councillors continued due to the public humiliation of losing the referendum, when up against inexperienced amateurs. May was also the time when the endeavours of T4C resulted in the creation of a Town Council for Whitehaven.

Vacant Clots:

Sadly, the inability of vacant clots to operate the Town Council legally has resulted in censure from an external auditor. Instead of learning and moving forward, they continued to take aim at those highlighting a stupefying waste of taxpayer’s hard earned money.

Moving forward to September 2016, I decided to withdraw from the world of politics and closed myself off from what had become vindictive petulance from a number of imbeciles.

Now, eight months on, having tried to exclude myself from political happenings in the area, my name is still being denigrated by lunatics who should have no place in council chambers. Quite frankly, in my opinion, they should be behind bars due to their activities.

So, to make myself clear to those who attack my name, in an attempt to gain political value during this current election period:

  • I am not involved in any political campaign by ‘Copeland Independents’.
  • I am not helping any individual in any political campaign.
  • I do not use an alias on social media, or anywhere else.

To Clarify:

Recent weeks has seen a few members of a local political party pour vicious baloney on social media. One prat has alleged that I am the ‘guru’ behind a local Independent movement, and another cretin has been pointing a shaking finger in my direction with regards to using an alias online. There are others involved in these indiscretions too.

I always used my own name, and am more than capable of standing my own ground if needs be. I don’t need to be anyone else. I’m no coward and will say my piece when needs be.

Copeland Independents is an affiliation of loosely connected individuals. It was launched without my input and remains so. I am not a member of Copeland Independents, never have been, and never will be. I understand their aims, and appreciate what they are trying to do, but I have no desire to get involved. I do though wish them good luck in their endeavours. After-all, having councillors wanting to help people, rather than themselves would be a breath of fresh air, wouldn’t it?

A few gullible individuals have listened intently to the bile being spewed from dirty political mouths, and have believed everything told to them. To those, I say:

Get to know me before judging. If you judge anyone based upon lies, pathetic ignorance and malleability will not see you do very well in future undertakings. Be an individual, not a puppet.

I chose to leave politics behind, and have been dragged back into it by the actions of a few sanctimonious crackpots. They would do well to leave me out of their ceaseless, irrational and rancorous bickering.

Have I been clear enough?

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