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Feral Cat

Cyprus: Overrun With Feral Cats

A Martyr For Birds:

A couple of years ago, I was on the Island of Cyprus. It is a beautiful country, steeped in history. The island was also overrun with feral cats. They appeared to be located close to every hotel and food outlet, waiting for scraps, from tourists.

In 2013, a sterlisation program was launched after authorities on the island acknowledged there was a problem, with the population of cats being described as “out of control.”

The cat in the photo above grabbed my attention as it sat on a bench, watching the word go by. Behind the bench in some undergrowth was a number of kittens, sheltering from the intense heat of the sun. I’m a cat lover, so experiencing the number of cats on the island was quite exhilarating.

Thankfully, sterlisation was adopted as the preferred method of control, rather than that which was adopted in 2006, by a Texas individual, who claimed he was a martyr for birds, having prowled Galveston, shooting cats.

Jim Stevenson, the man allegedly responsible for the shootings, claimed he was “just a dumb Southern boy”. I have many words to describe Stevenson. Dumb is low on the list!

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